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What Separates Us

The Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC Exterior Wall Bentonite Injection

Our exterior wall bentonite clay injection is what separates us from EVERY other Basement Waterproofer in the Northeast and beyond.

Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC is the only company having the ability to put a warranty on your basement wall. This also offers the homeowner the ability to troubleshoot the actual source of water entry into your home prior to accepting everyone else’s “cookie cutter” approach to the solution. There are actually some homes that have just a wall seepage problem. Does yours?

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What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay is a naturally occurring material, also called Vol clay. Not being a man-made creation, Volcanic Bentonite will not reduce itself to a lower composition over time. Vol clay or sodium bentonite is a clay that has been mixed with volcanic ash. The added sodium in the volcanic ash mixed with this natural clay gives the bentonite clay the ability to expand or swell 18-20 times its volume when wetted with water. Bentonite Clay is mainly sourced from Wyoming and the Dakota’s and the Native Indians have called these areas,” the land of the swelling hills”. Legend has it, as water would seep into the veins of the natural bentonite, the ground would rise and fall, allowing variations to an ever-changing elevation. 

Our Bentonite Injection Process

Using water as a carrier, Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC mixes a bentonite slurry and pressure injects this slurry into the backfill area of your foundation. It is a low-pressure injection, and the slurry mixture will be forced into the settled capillaries of your soil. As wetted with water, the bentonite clay will begin to swell in volume, sealing these waterways that have given to seepage through your basement walls. Once on the ground, this material will increase the density of your existing soil, without being decomposable. This clay will remain permanent within your backfill, even having the ability to re-swell and seal if needed. 

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Other Notes on Bentonite

This material is not harmful and has the highest FDA rating given, GRAS, generally recognized as safe. Bentonite. In fact, bentonite is primarily used in the food industry. Commercially bentonite is used in all New York State Landfills to control water seepage. You can also appreciate the waterproofing ability of Bentonite. You drive your family through many of our country’s underground and underwater tunnel ways. This process has been proven commercially since the early 1930s where it was used to repair earthen dykes and dams and since has been repurposed for residential use for over 60 years.

This is our expertise, shared by no other waterproofing company. What is the value to your home? Although simple, yet technical, this process adds valuable warranty coverage to your basement. Where other waterproofing companies will only warranty over their pipe, no wall warranty, then the price per warranty foot becomes extremely high, that you are paying for. If you have a 160 linear foot basement, then you are paying thousands of dollars for 160 square feet of warranty. With Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC, we will warranty the entire wall, below grade for seepage, giving you a much lower cost per square foot of warranty. I can assure you, the difference will be noticed on the service end, when the OTHER Waterproofer’s will tell you that the source of problem is not covered under your contract warranty.

All our work is covered by a lifetime and transferable warranty to your home. We will always come to your home and do a personal in-home consolation.

Our hope is that every homeowner will do his due diligence comparing value prior to selecting the proper company to service their home. Our pricing is competitive and often cheaper than those offering far less warranty coverage. We have successfully been doing this for over 38 years. Remember, if your basement is to be finished, then you certainly need to know your basement walls below grade are part of your restoration. Can you afford to risk this factor?